Couples Counseling: I have worked with couples for many years, and I am certified as a couples counselor in the nationally-acclaimed Gottman Institute. John Gottman’s work is based on over 30 years research of what makes couples successful (or disasters!), making it unique among the various couples programs out there today. I work with all kinds of couples.

Relapse Prevention/Recovery: I specialize in working with couples dealing with alcohol and drug issues, whether one or both of you are new to recovery or whether you are struggling with old issues/wanting to do better. I can help you address relapse fears, deal with resentment (and numbness), and shift into being more of a team rather than feeling locked up in shame and isolation. Nor is my relapse prevention work limited to alcohol and drugs: I can help you progress in other areas, such as addressing self-defeating habits in sex, anger, or assertiveness.

Affair Recovery: I also specialize in couples who have been shattered by affairs, whether dealing with multiple affairs or online flirtations, whether dealing with recently-discovered affairs or with hurts that still smolder from years ago. Always my focus is on helping you as a couple move towards expressing emotions without pushing each other away; getting clearer about how to speak (and act) out of integrity with each other; and having a sense of healing from the affair(s) – not just hiding the hurt under the rug.

Premarital Consultations: I offer up to three consultations to couples newly committing to each other (usually the first year of falling in love). The purpose of this is not therapy: it is to provide education on how to avoid the common traps that couples can slip into without realizing. (You can think of it as a mini-Gottman workshop for just the two of you, geared to your situation and exploring any concerns you have.)

Possibilities! Tell me what you’re dealing with, and I will let you know in what way I can help you. If I feel my skills aren’t appropriate to your situation, I will let you know.